Marcfirst Residential Living


Marcfirst provides Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) and an Intermittent CILA (less then 24 hour supports) all over the Bloomington-Normal Area.

  • Each person has a person-centered plan called an ISP (Individual Service Plan) overseen by a case manager
  • People choose to work on goals in medication independence, economic skills, daily living skills and community integration
  • Marcfirst support people in living in the least restrictive living environment

Andy Points to His New Yard
Lisa enters her house

24-Hour CILA

  • Marcfirst provides CILA supports in 2 apartment settings, 4 duplexes and 4 houses
  • Settings range from 4-8 people dependent on the site
  • All 24-hour CILA sites have overnight staff that are awake all night
  • Each person in the 24 hour setting has their own bedroom

Intermittent CILA

  • Staff are on site at different times throughout the day depending on the need of people
  • There is no overnight staff on site
  • Staff support with Medication , Community outings, medical appointments, Scheduling appointments, Daily living skills and economics
  • People live in their own apartment
  • People who live in the intermittent CILA need minimal staff support


BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) offers behavioral supports at Marcfirst for people in the CILA program. The board certified behavioral analyst uses evidence based practices to decrease unwanted behaviors by creating specific and individual behavior programs using positive behavioral interventions. The BCBA also strives to increase skill areas for people by using individualized learning programs.